The Solarin

The Solarin

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Israel-based company called Sirin Labs provides the Android-based smartphone that is promoted for its highly secure software for $14,000 USD. One of its main features is the ability to switch the phone into a secure mode, where only outgoing voice calls and encrypted messaging is allowed. It is said to be using AES 256 phone to phone encryption over the cellular phone calling network.

Chief executive officer Tal Cohen, whose background is in internet advertising startups rather than mobile or security, said his firm had identified a niche market comparable to the high-end watch market but for smartphones. The smartphone features mobile security from Zimperium and support for Qualcomm’s TrustZone technology. Cohen described the devices as Mobile Device Management “friendly” but wasn’t immediately able to provide details even when pressed on this point.Independent security experts remain unconvinced about Sirin Labs’ proposition – especially in the absence of details.


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