Silent Circle’s partner forced to hand over SSL keys

Silent Circle’s partner forced to hand over SSL keysHere is an article from NewsDaily that talks about the fact that Silent Circle is Lavabit’s first partner in a secure email service. It goes on to say that a …”lower court judge directed Lavabit to hand over the keys to its Secure Sockets Layer encryption, which would allow the government to see everything that... Read More »

Is Silent Circle “US Govt Approved”?

Is Silent Circle “US Govt Approved”?In this article we see that Janke alluded to a positive comment made by the United Stated Government regarding Silent Circle. Which may lead some to ask the obvious question…”Why?”. One possible reason would logically be assumed to be that the US Govt has already found access to the code and/or back doored the encryption... Read More »


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Silent Circle

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KoolSpan – AT&T / NSA cooperating partner company?

KoolSpan – AT&T / NSA cooperating partner company?This is disturbing. “If you trust AT&T’s new voice encryption service, you are a fool,” writes Christopher Soghoian, a privacy researcher at Indiana University. “$5 says it is CALEA compliant.” Here is an article about the relationship between KoolSpan and AT&T. 10/06/2010 @ 6:40PM – Source Andy Greenberg, Forbes Staff Covering the worlds of data... Read More »

GSMK CryptoPhone

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